Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Why I love my Joshua...

Okay, so maybe I really had more to say. I only get small increments of time to do things (like post) during the day. So here are a few reasons why I love my Joshua Monroe:

1. His uncles on the White side have adopted him as their official mascot. Their online profile pictures are no longer of themselves, but yes, of Joshua.
2. His marbley (a word? hm.) blue eyes and out of control brown hair
3. His ability to sleep through the night (notice I said ABILITY...that doesnt mean he always does it)
4. The fact that he has started laughing. His giggle melts my heart!
5. I get to dress him up in clothes I could have only used for a doll before...every little girls dream, a real live doll!
6. His fascination with lights. He has a moon nightlight on his wall above his bed. I rarely wake up to him crying in the middle of the night. He usually is just talking to his light.

Those are just a few. Being a mom really just gets better and better!


Nothing funny or newsy to say. But I thought since my blog's name is "Anna's Trio" I should at least put a picture of our sweet little guy. He is sleeping on our neighbors lovesac. Stay tuned for his 1st Halloween picture as "the caterpillar"!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Running-my love/hate relationship

So I have started running. Some of you might wonder if my husband has rubbed off on me. Maybe he has, maybe he hasn't. I am going to run a half marathon? Am I nuts?! Probably. Whether my daily motivations arise from trying to burn off my extra pregnancy fat or trying to please my husband, I have been doing it nonetheless. And though I grumble to myself as I get ready to go out, I think I secretly like it.

I set a goal for each week to help motivate myself, and I think posting goals for the world to see might actually be helpful for me. So my goal for this week is 15 miles. I went 3 today, so that leaves 12 more. I probably should be better at the whole internal motivation thing, but right now, I'm not. Maybe that will change over time! But whatever gets me out for now is good for me!