Sunday, December 22, 2013

Our summer of fun-Part 2

We headed up to Snowbird and left Dad in CA. We even got Josh to go up the tram! (This was a big deal.) We got a day pass and did the Alpine Slide with Josh and Nathan a bunch of times. The kids love Snowbird!

We met our friends the Retkowski's (from Virginia) at the Children's Museum in Salt Lake. Josh had lots of fun playing with Hannah. This is them in a tornado tunnel.


We had lots of fun in Provo bowling and hanging out at Grandma's. Michael started his love/hate relationship with Daisy the dog. Poor Daisy.

Nathan turned 4. He really wanted a fire cake. I found some fancy ideas on Pinterest and then decided making it out of sprinkles would be just as great (and way easier!) so that's what we did! Nathan still informs everyone who will listen that he is NOT 3 anymore but FOUR! (Even though it has been 4 months...)

And the highlight of our summer was that Uncle Zach came home from a 2 year mission to Paraguay. My boys prayed for him EVERY day he was gone. And it wasn't me reminding them, because I forgot. They were just good. In fact, he is still usually a subject of their prayers. We are convinced this is why Zach has been having so many good things happen to him since he has been home.

A few days after Zach got home, Justin, Emily, Justin's Mom and I ran the Hobble Creek Half Marathon. It was fun to run with Emily during the race. Though she kicked my trash even though she was 5 months pregnant.

 And I look so terrible in this photo because I just fainted right before. The race beat me up!
We actually had the entire White Family together for the first time in years which meant family PICTURES! It was an awesome summer and we were pretty sad to go home to start school at the end of it.