Saturday, June 14, 2008

Save me Joshua!

Justin, Joshua and I went down to North Carolina with my parents this past week. (We are visiting VA for a while, hence the lack of posts.) Katie and her family live in North Carolina. Here is a picture of all of us except Jacob because he was at work.

Okay, so I could tell you many stories about the Spencer threw my dads shoes in the river, or how Travis and Spencer did seat-drops on Joshua...but I think this one is my favorite. So Travis, who is almost 2, often wakes up earlier than everyone else. He usually wakes up when he hears his dad leave for work (at 6:30 or 7 a.m.) but my sister doesn't let him out until she's ready to get up. The last morning we were there, I woke up to hear Travis screaming from his bedroom. I woke up because his screaming woke Joshua up, and Joshua was sleeping in our room with us. So Joshua started crying. Travis often knocks on his door and calls for his parents to let him out of his room, and I heard him and just smiled to myself.

Then as he went through one of his rounds of calling out to his parents, this is what I heard..."MOMMY!!" "DADDY!!" "BABY!!" He called Joshua "baby" the whole time we were there and I am just assuming that he heard Joshua crying and thought maybe Joshua would save him. Sorry Trav!