Saturday, August 24, 2013

Our summer of fun-Part 1

We had a great summer! I want to account for all our adventures so I can go back and make a photo book or something at some point. But a blog post will do for now!

We left the day Josh got out of school, Thursday June 13, for Utah. Justin had flown to England the day before for a conference. We went to the Tippetts family reunion on Saturday and then I flew off to meet Justin in London. Other than getting pretty sick while I was there, our trip was fabulous.

I got home a week and a half before Justin and so my mom drove back with me to California. My sister Katie and her 3 kids followed close behind. We went to the science center and the beach. My Dad, Jacob, Steph, Dan and Pete's new wife Valerie then joined us for a Disney adventure. Here are the kiddos watching fireworks.

We then all headed up to Monterey to where Pete and Valerie moved. (Pete was at army basic training) Steph's husband Josh joined us for the 4th of July. We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and had a blast!

Chris and Myleka came and met us on the beach after my family had all left. We flew kites. Josh got pretty good!

We were home for two weeks after that, where I finished teaching my Lets Play Music classes and the kids did a week of swimming lessons. Josh turned 6 on July 21st and had his first real birthday party!

On Josh's birthday, I left with the kids for another adventure in be continued...



Jaclyn said...

Seems like a great summer. Can't believe we're so far into fall now. Love you!

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