Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Britax Carseat Giveaway

I meant to do this post a week or two ago...but with moving our stuff and then Nathan coming earlier than just didn't happen! This giveaway ends TODAY, but if you get a chance to go enter, DO IT!!

This is one of my good friends from high school and I posted before about her cloth diaper review blog. A Britax carseat obviously has NOTHING to do with cloth diapers, but she has a pretty amazing story about this carseat saving her daughters life and because of it, she got Britax to do a giveaway on her blog. Pretty awesome.

Britax Carseat Giveaway

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Nathan Fred White

So I have a few minutes by myself this morning at the hospital. Little Nathan is having a car seat check (since he was born early, they have to monitor his breathing while he's sitting in a car seat for an hour or so) and Joshua and Justin haven't gotten here I thought I would blog!

Our little guy is here! My due date was Sept. 1st, but Nathan decided he wanted to come a little early. Good thing he wasn't even a day sooner, because we just moved all of our stuff to California and got back early Wednesday morning. I was so wrapped up in moving our stuff to CA, there were a lot of things I was "putting off" until we got back. I figured I had at least a couple of weeks before the baby would get here. We hadn't packed a hospital bag, set up the baby's bed, bought diapers, and a few other little things. But oh well!! My water broke on Thursday morning (though I wasn't really sure if it was my water or not). I kind of watched it throughout the day, and still couldn't tell if it actually was or not, but finally around 3:30 Justin and I decided to go to the hospital and just get it checked. The nurse wasn't sure at first either, and even pushed up on the baby's head to see if anything leaked out and it didn't. She said to just wait for a few minutes to see if any "gushes" came and then she'd try one more test. So I pretty much decided it was a false alarm when WHOOSH! The gush came. The nurse came back and said, yep you guys are having a baby.

It was close to 5 by this time and so I thought for SURE he would be born before midnight, which I was looking forward to. They always say your 2nd labor is even shorter than the first, right? Well, since he was 3 1/2 weeks early, I had only dilated to a 2 by that point, and by midnight (yes, 7 hours later) I was only at a 3. Talk about disappointing! The one silver lining was that our nurse was a friend from our ward when we lived on 2nd south...that made things fun. I would be moving forward, with regular contractions, and then they'd slow down was frustrating. Finally they thought I probably had a fore sac, so they brought the doctor in and he popped it and then the contractions started regular again. I started progressing faster, but then the baby's heart rate started going all over the place. I could tell Elizabeth (the nurse) didn't want to alarm me, but she seemed worried after a little bit. She brought the Dr. back in (I was dilated to 7 at this point) and the Dr. looked and said he was going to stay there til we had the baby, which wouldn't be long. It was probably 15 minutes later that Nathan was born.

He had the cord wrapped around his neck pretty tightly which was causing his heart rate problems. Luckily the last little bit went very fast and I hardly had to push at all so he could come before they had to do a C section or anything. PHEW! We are sure glad you are here little guy!

He weighed 6 lbs. 0 oz. and was 19.5 inches long (that is pretty long for just a little tiny guy!) He is super skinny and every time I pick him up I feel like I am going to break him. He just sleeps and sleeps and sleeps...I honestly can hardly get him to eat even! He has hardly cried at all (because he's too busy sleeping) and I love him to pieces.