Monday, October 27, 2008

There is good in the world after all

We are trying to do a fantasy basketball league. It has been kind of crazy trying to set up a draft time that we all could do. Finally, tonight, we got it taken care of, so Justin wanted to send out an email to the league to apologize for the craziness. Here is a snippet of the first email. See if you can find something amiss.

The first email:
"We have a draft! Sorry for the inconvenience/h*%$le with setting up the draft. I (obviously) didn't know what I was doing, but we now have a draft date for Sunday."

Did you see it? "*%$"? In case you are wondering what those symbols mean, read the follow up email Justin sent:
"You may have noticed a typo of sorts in the last email. No, it read "h-a-s-s-l-e" when I sent it. But, count your blessings that ESPN has a built in editing function so you don't have to read potentially inappropriate words in my emails to you, particularly ones that have another word for donkeys sandwiched between h and le. Rest !!^ured that even if I wanted to offend you with my foul mouth, ESPN wouldn't let me."

At a time when we are worried about a moral decline in our society, we can be at peace (not rest "ass"ured!), knowing that ESPN will filter our potty mouths!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

St. George Marathon

Everyone give props to Justin!! He ran St. George this morning and came in with a record time of 3:08:27! And it was POURING rain the entire time...I think he's pretty amazing myself. He qualified for Boston, so maybe we'll take a trip out there next spring! GO JUSTIN!! (I'll post a picture once I get them on my computer)