Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gleeful :)

So this is something I have been wanting to post about for the past week, but in our craziness that has been preparing to go to Utah (which we are HERE and Uncle Phil is home from Sweden safe and sound!) I have not done it. So I say--

THANK GOODNESS for friends who blog much more regularly than me! Besides the weird grin that is on my face in our picture (I think I was a little too excited) Jaclyn's words sum up my feelings EXACTLY. Please read here:

Jaclyn's Glee Post

Though I think my favorite line from our little 11 year old friends behind us was (and this was literally a scream, that's why I am about to put it in all caps...)


It's my new favorite thing to say. The end.

Friday, May 21, 2010

My little composer

Everyone always asks me if I teach Joshua any piano. The answer is NO--he is only 2. But he likes to play around on it sometimes. He composed a song the other day. I was pretty amazed. (still am!) Don't get too excited here, he's not Mozart or anything. A little background about my little 2 year old, though. He loves clock towers and bell towers. If it is a clock and bell tower in ONE, even better. He idolizes Big Ben. And the "happy clock" at Disneyland (outside It's a Small World). He's a little obsessive. Okay, a LOT obsessive.

Anyway. Sometimes he makes me play the clock tower chimes on the piano. And I do it for him. Because he's my son. Yesterday while I was making dinner, I heard him messing around on the piano. After a minute, he runs in and says "Mommy! I play-a-bells!" And this video shows you what he did.

Now, the cool part is that he repeats it. Over and over and over again. And if he starts on a note that would make the bells be in a minor key, he keeps playing the notes until he finds the major key. I am just so excited! My little musician!!!

P.S. Now you know what it takes for me to blog. I seriously have good ideas everyday about stuff to blog about. Here's my list over the past month or two of what we need to catch up on:
-my Mom's spontaneous visit
-many a trip to Disneyland
-Joshua's new best friend (or worst enemy), Simon
-Justin's acceptance to a seminar at BYU meaning we'll be in UTAH for 2 months starting next FRIDAY!
-daily cuteness from my 2 little boys

So stay tuned for more excitement (probably to come in another 2 months...ha ha)